Seagull ballet

We happened upon a man feeding seagulls at the bluffs the other day. I pulled out my camera and caught some of the action.

I liked the play of light on their feathers and hadn’t truly appreciated the beauty of their flight before. I’ll post more tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Seagull ballet”

  1. Although I am not overly fond of seagulls, they are indeed beautiful. The top photo catches the expression of the bird perfectly. Our grandson had a favorite book about a seagull that we always brought with us when we vacationed on Lake Michigan. Miss those delightful days when he was small.

  2. The “ballet” part refers to how the gulls manage to fly in close formation and gracefully manage to avoid one another. They are among my less favored birds, but I liked the way their flight showed up in my camera.

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