No farms no food

It’s dinnertime. Do you know where your food came from?

I love that Sequim still has working farms. We have a grange, feed stores, and farmers who wear dirty boots and overalls because they spent the day in the field. Like so many places there is always pressure to develop and the area has lost many family farms. This bumper sticker can be seen around here: No Farms No Food.  I hope we never forget this.

3 thoughts on “No farms no food”

  1. This is a lovely composition, Kay. And I do like the sepia processing.

    The ‘No farm, no food’ connundrum is a world-wide issue. We have it here in Australia, too. It would seem that the economies of scale are running against the smaller less diversified family farms.

  2. The most productive farm land is fast disappearing to the developement of new homes and businesses. I would think such could be built on ground that was not productive. I don’t want all of my food to be imported from other countries!

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