6 thoughts on “Canoe Journey 2011”

  1. Really nice Shannon! Last year the closest we saw them was at the Longhouse store near the Casino….they had a mass of them all parked there. Really beautiful looking…I’ll bet it was fun to hear them singing! You & your Mom got some good shots.

  2. You ended up with MUCH better shots than the newspaper even published!! I hope you had a good visit with your folks and so nice that you & your Mom did some special things together. I miss my own Mother.

  3. We saw this last year, including some of the welcoming and departure ceremonies. It was wonderful. There were at least 6-8 beached canoes then and they’re beautiful. Some were traditionally made and all were very big and heavy (my husband helped bring a couple ashore). I didn’t see any with sail rigging like your bottom two pictures. I love that they have this event.

  4. I would love to see this. The second canoe was huge. Thanks for providing the link. Traditions like this are well worth keeping.

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