Lavender Festival

I thought I was going to skip all things Lavender Festival this year, but as soon as it started that didn’t hold and I got the lavender bug.  All of the different things going on are energizing and fun to check out.  The weather surprised me and was good yesterday until about 4 when the rain came.  Hopefully those who are attending the festival made the rounds before the rain hit and are enjoying themselves!

7 thoughts on “Lavender Festival”

  1. Is this shot close to Cedarbook? Those look like the houses up on Emerald Heights. too bad about the rain. doesn’t the weather man remember rain is suppose to stop in Sequim on the 5th of July?

  2. Shannon, it is pouring out here right now (9am)..I do like it to be nice for all the visitors, I hope also that the folks got in a lot of the activities yesterday. Ross is opening this morning also. What a busy town this weekend!!

  3. We got in a trip to Lavender in the Park and 3 farms before it started pouring on our way home yesterday. And it’s been raining on & off all day (Saturday). Too bad for folks who’ve come from a distance. Vendors are mostly under cover, but there isn’t much cover for visitors!

  4. Your comment. Sunshine farm wouldn’t allow us on with our tiny dog. No alternatives were offered. We have left her in car for 15 minutes at a time with no problem for 10 years, always mindful of the weather. This is the first time we have had a problem. We took our shopping spree to Fir Street, walked our dog, and spent over $300.

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