5 thoughts on “Dungeness Country Store closed”

  1. So, if we had the $$, what kind of store would we open in this rural part of Sequim area? Another Nash Farm outlet? A lavendar store? Maybe another coffee shop fresh food place? Or a kayak outfitter? So many possible.

  2. Oh, that’s sad. 🙁 We stopped there a couple of times last year to pick up things we needed. We were staying out on 3 Crabs Road and it was so handy.

  3. Larry, I have been dreaming about just that since I saw it was for sale! Unless they take Monopoly money though, I’m out.
    But what a great location for a store, tourists always drive by there and for the locals who don’t want to drive into town it would be convenient to stop by there too. With the right touch it could really become something. There is a kayak store right down the road from it, Dungeness Kayaking.
    Joleen, I’m glad you got to go inside before it closed.

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