Hurricane Ridge

A trip to this area is not complete without going to Hurricane Ridge.  It is located 17 miles south out of Port Angeles (which is about 15 miles from Sequim).  You’ll definitely need good brakes coming down because it’s a pretty steep, winding road down but it’s a beautiful place, so peaceful and lots to take in.  I’ve seen bear, deer and other animals on the drive there and back.

My husband took these photos yesterday.  We took a trip up in the fall too, you can see those pictures here. I’ll post some more tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Hurricane Ridge”

  1. how pretty!
    i hope one day i have the time and money to travel all over the US. So far I have only been to boston and New york..
    i also want to see this!!

  2. These photos are beautiful… it’s been about fifteen years since my last trip up Hurricane Ridge… I’d forgotten how lovely it is and the views are spectacular. You mentioned my site is hard to load… I’m wondering why, too many widgets perhaps? Thanks again for stopping by..

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