12 thoughts on “Carrie Blake Park”

  1. So pretty! You got some wonderful shots! It is so nice when the snow is gently falling and you can see the different sizes in snowflakes. I love the seasons! (of which we had none in San Diego! Just sun sun sun.)

  2. Shannon, the snow is melting fast! Our carport is drip drip dripping away! Not much sun here but the temp. is rising. OSCARS tonight! On our way to buy a Big Kahuna sandwich at our famed Longhouse Market! Always fun to see how they all dress! (with all their money some look really funny!)

  3. It would seem that spring has not sprung in your neck of the woods. Yikes!

    I maybe shouldn’t say this but it was 85 degrees here today and I played a wonderful round of golf this morning!

    Enjoy your week!

  4. Pat, the trees are bare again here and it’s raining right now. I enjoy the distinct seasons too, one of my favorite things about this area. We don’t have TV so I won’t be watching the Oscars, but I’ll read up on who won. Have fun!
    Jacob, rub it in! I enjoyed the snow though.

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