9 thoughts on “Yard Art?”

  1. Happy Anniversary to your folks! Mike & I are not far away at 37 this past Dec. This is a Bottle Tree. You really see a lot of these out in desert communities. At first , the thing at the top looked like a weather station (we have one) but on second look it is just tinier bottles. I like this!!!

  2. I’ll have to look up Bottle Trees now Pat.
    We are coming up on our 17th year together.
    We had a little sleet/snow activity this morning, but then it stopped. I hope more is on the way.

  3. Yes, it is a bottle tree and I want one. I’ve seen them in gardening magazines and think it would be a perfect addition to my crazy backyard. Now I just need to find someone to build me one…I’ll provide the bottles. (smile)

  4. Have never seen a bottle tree, but in our travels we have seen several bottle houses especially in desert areas of Nevada. Interesting indeed!

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