Luck of the Draw

Back in December I won a drawing on Gunn’s Stavanger Daily Photo site.  The picture above is the postage on the package I received from Norway (with a little hint of the nature of something that will be included in the package I’m sending out).   It was fun to get lucky and receive that package and now I’m paying it forward.  I put together a little care package that I’ll send out this week to one of you. To enter just leave a comment answering the question  “What Makes You Smile/Happy?” Comments left before midnight on Sunday will count and I’ll put those names in a bowl and draw on Monday.  If only one person leaves a comment, your odds of winning are significantly higher lol.  (No friends or family, sorry.)

15 thoughts on “Luck of the Draw”

  1. To tell you the truth, I smile every day for no reason at all and especially when I view the days photo of Sequim that you post. You know I have SS (Sequim Syndrome) and your site inspired me to create my only daily photo site and that motivated another friend in Wisconsin to start one too.

  2. Even though I can’t enter (I’m a friend and practically family), the thing that will always illicit a smile on my face is my grandchildren. They are a light in my life.

  3. I feel the happiest when I can either do something for someone or give someone
    something and see the joy on their face. In turn, that puts a smile on my face. My family, friends and grandchildren make me so very happy! :o)

  4. What makes me smile?? Well let’s think . . . the picture of your dogs playing in the snow – the wonderful feeling I have that you are great neighbors to my sister.

  5. I have to think about this one also….and I consider myself your friend now so please don’t count me in for the contest! Come on where is everyone????

  6. oh my, what makes me smile?! thats what i thought… of course a lot of things make me smile, but asked just like that i have to make choice.. then i realized this post made me smile, at this moment, so thats my answer! 🙂

  7. What makes me smile? Opening my browser every morning to see what the weather has been like in Sequim. We live in snowy Spokane and our fantasy weather is “yours”! Plus, seeing Sequim through your eyes is fascinating and informational. Perhaps some day we will also wake up in Sequim!

  8. oh, i hope another comment is allowed (maybe you should leave this one out of the drwaing.. or not… 😉 ), but i just went to that post on the norway blog, and what a nice idea this is!! as for me too, yes, its great to get comments as it shows what you show/write is being read/appreciated/being thought of etc.. by others; its a great motivation…

  9. OK I will enter your contest! What makes me smile (and my husband Mike) is waking up every morning in Sequim! Early Retirement was a big battle for my husband having gone through a 5 month Strike during 2003/04 (tried to take his pension away)..but we made it! Every day we truly cannot believe we are actually retired and HERE!

  10. Ahhh, what makes me smile is getting up in the morning and taking my first look out the window at the Olympic Mountains, then I go to the kitchen to make coffee and look out the window at the Dungeness Recreation Area and there’s another smile, and along the way the dog hops up, does a downward dog stretch and comes to greet me, and finally my husband looks up from the newspaper, gives me a big smile and a “Good morning!” I smile a LOT since I’ve been in Sequim, and I’m most definitely NOT a morning person!

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