12 thoughts on “More snow on the way?”

  1. Great shots.

    We got 5 inches of snow yesterday and now it’s frigid–about 8 degrees, I believe and we are to get more snow this weekend.

    Hey, it’s January. What’re ya’ gonna’ do, right?


  2. #1 is the best! Just back from tooling around the area. Almost got stuck when we drove down a rural road and tried to turn around…spinning wheels. Bought extra milk at Costco and now home safe..ready for the storm!

  3. Does it snow in Sequim often in the winter? I thought I saw somewhere that Sequim was very near a desert climate. Would anyone who knows the normal weather here care to explain it to me? Thank you, and, Shannon, absolutely gorgeous pictures. Sequim is definitely where I am going for my vacation.

  4. G. It snows a few times in the winter usually. I don’t think Sequim is anywhere near desert climate or that the weather here is as optimistic as it’s rumored or promoted to be. It is not as rainy as Washington is known for, but we do have a mixed bag of weather including rain, snow, and cold dreary days.

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