Snow in Sequim

The first picture is yesterday afternoon when it was just whipping around outside and coming down hard.  The second picture I took when we pulled over last night in town to tighten our chains and I noticed a shop with a sign that said Artisans Creative Consignment opening November 23rd.   Rough day to open if you do, so good luck with that! 

Three things struck me the most last night when driving  in this weather.  First, (taming down how I really think it in my head) people need to learn how to drive in the snow.  There is no hurry and it’s not worth the risk. Second, kudos to the mail people for making it through.  We saw our mailman pulled over getting a new bundle of mail and the snow was just whipping his face.  Third, people who have animals without a place for shelter in this weather are not people I can understand or relate to.

4 thoughts on “Snow in Sequim”

  1. My Motto when driving (good or bad weather) is to Watch Out For the Other Guy! Always assume that the other person is going to do something wrong! I always say to my husband when he drives off…Be Careful. Watch out for the other guy! I wish more people would stay home if they don’t need to be out in this weather. GOLD STARS to the US Mail AND our local Peninsula Daily paperperson. No plowing yet…no garbage pick-up. Power went out at 4am came back on at 8:30 am. Hell is too cool a place for people who abuse animals! Great photos Shannon! That’s one store opening I have skipped!

  2. There’s no accounting for “the other guy” when you’re driving. We were stopped at Old Olympic Hwy. yesterday, when “the other guy” came along and was going to fast to turn onto the road we were on. Sure enough, as my husband said, “You’re going too fast, bub” we watched as he lost control and slid into us. Luckily, no damage. But no way to avoid idiots. We had to be out & got home before it was truly insane to be out. But we cancelled a trip to the airport & out of town.
    I don’t understand why people keep animals if they can’t provide shelter for them.

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