Pets taking it all in

The first picture was taken by Norma (Lavender Lady who ran the site before) of her cat looking out at the snow.  The second is of my dogs doing the same during a quick play session outside.

3 thoughts on “Pets taking it all in”

  1. We are really getting socked with the snow right now in Diamond Point! Snowing solid since 7am (it’s now 1:10 pm) We were prepared to be snowed in (bought everything I need for Turkey Day..we have 2 sets of neighbors coming Thurs…all they have to do is walk across the street)…no snowplows yet, our garbage & recycling is still here and no mail yet. Don’t the pets enjoy the snow! Like little kids yet!

  2. We’ve got snow here on the east side, as well! Not as much as you, but it’s quite early for us to have as much as we do (about two inches or so). Love the animals enjoying the snow…dogs and cats have such different ways of looking at the world. Lol!

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