Dress in layers

This is why they say “dress in layers” around here.  This picture was around 10:30 or 11 in the morning, blanketed by fog (or marine layer, whatever you call it.)   By noon or so it was sunny and hot out.  (People need to be careful with their dogs too.  The window rolled down just a tiny little way might be okay in this shot, but when it got hot just a short time later…it wouldn’t be so cool to them.)

4 thoughts on “Dress in layers”

  1. YOUR photo of clouds and rain MUCH better than mine (will be posted on my blog on Sept 23). Dressing in layers is good advice here too (due to elevation and mountains). However, we are just not use to the rain here – but love it when it happens! We need ALL the moisture we can get. (Sequim does not get much more rain that we do. However, we do not get the high humidity you have.)

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