5 thoughts on “Deer at Dungeness”

  1. Love’em or Hate’em. We have a lot of deer out here where I live…we love watching them and find sheer joy in the fact that we can look out our windows and see them! We take pains to plant things they will not care to eat..while our neighbots rant and rave and continue to plant YUMMIES out front!!!

  2. Nice shot. How nice that they will stop and stay still! We’ve seen a doe and two fawns come and go from the Rec Area into our and our neighbors yards. They’ve gone from little, stumbling Bambis to, now, preteens. The neighbors share their snow peas with us and with the deer. We have almost nothing planted, though we’ll eventually have a garden — fenced. Sorry, furry friends. There’s plenty to eat in the Rec Area!

  3. How cool, it’s looking right at you! I don’t see too many deer running down the Walk of Fame 🙂 so it’s really neat to see one up close like this!

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