It’s taking off and really shooting up.  This is a ten year old Grosso plant that has given me lots of buds.

P.S.  I’ve been ask to comment on how I take care of my plants.  I harvest for buds when about 3/4’s of the buds have opened up on a plant.  (this happens at various times, based on the type of plant…I had 20 different varieties…last winter has reduced that number).  I then hang the stalks to dry. and de-bud later.  I leave the plant alone until late October and then give it a final haircut for the winter.    Most of the lavender farms have websites that have good information on how to take care of your plants….and then I always listen to my son-in-law, Mario, brother of Victor, of  Victor’s Lavender.  A few of my favorite sites are: Purple Haze, Jardin du SoleilSunshine Lavendar.   I hope this post script helps.

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  1. I know with my lavender I watch my local Lavender Farm, Sunshine on 101. When I see they’ve trimmed the plants then I get going and do ours! Probably in late Aug. I just get going with a good shears and trim it way down and round it off. It seems like, with my roses, the further down I trim it…it makes it really grow well! Norma, give us some expert advice here!

  2. I am struck your grosso plant. It is well cared and am sure that you
    are a good care taker. My wife also have one but i guess she really
    needs some guide from experts like you to be able to make it more

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