Norma aka Lavender Lady is coming home today:-)  It involves a flight and a drive so I hope both go okay for her.

NORMA UPDATE 7:30 Norma made it home safely.  I spoke with her very briefly and I hope she is getting some much deserved rest right now.

My husband and I have been spending most our time in the garden lately.  This is the first year we’ve done one so it’s definitely a learning experience.  This is the cucumber trellis and pea trellis he built for us. 


4 thoughts on “Gardening”

  1. Hi, Shannon!
    Your husband did nice work on the planters and trellises. I hope you’ll post another shot later when the plants really get going. Good luck with your garden and thanks for the updates on Norma.

  2. The anti-spam word for me is effortless. Your garden doesn’t look effortless at all. What wonderful trellises and raised bed. I think the plants will thrive there.
    Thanks for the update on Norma. I didn’t realize she had to take a flight too.
    God-speed to her.

  3. Warm Hello! Congrats on your beautiful trellises. We are just starting our spring gardens and doing lots of planning. Were any plans used for the trellises? If so, we would love the info. This set would look fantastic in our backyard. Thank you for sharing!

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