Community Photo


On Saturday at 3:00 p.m. a small portion of those who live here showed up to have their photo made in the middle of the street in downtown Sequim.  Even with the small number of people, we all had fun…and there were lots of people with cameras.  Photographers from the Sequim Gazette and the Peninsula Daily News  even paused to compare photos.  (The Gazette link show a a time lapse photo of the whole event…if you are fast enough you can spot the lady in black and red…running in and out to take photos…that would be me.)

The trick was getting 200 + people in to some sembalance of order.  The job fell to Ernst, professional photographer in the Sequim area, who directed all of us from a boom truck belonging to Sequim Glass.    It was a fund raiser for the Irrigation Festival, a chance to run in to other folks you know, and the sun came out…just like clock work.  Sequim is famous for it’s blue hole.  The thumbnail shows part of the crowd before we are all organized into place


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