Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!


Where have the years gone?  How did she get to be five?  Surely it was only yesterday when her dad called to tell me they were on their way to the hospital!  She is bright, beautiful, curious about the world, loves to read books, can wrap her daddy…and her grandma around her finger…and the  bane of my Big Boy’s existance.  Baby Girl and and I are going to lunch today…just us.  I appreciate my children who allow and encourage this bond.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!”

  1. My wife took our youngest granddaughter to Cafe Blossom for a butterfly tea while they were visiting when she around 4 and when they returned the next year she wanted to do the same thing with her grandmother. I hope you can make the lunch an annual thing.

  2. The memories of this special lunch will stick with her forever! My greatest memories are of going to fancy “tearooms” at the department stores with my Mom at the same age. Does anyone else remember these nice restaurants? They seem to be gone.

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