Sequim has a new radio station, KQSM!  I had a devil of time finding the location, (next to In Graphic Detail) but I’ve been listening to their music  for quite awhile.  I stopped in today and talked with Susie, the volunteer coordinator and DJ four times a week.  She shared with me how the play list was developed, a little bit about the audience they have acquired by streaming on the internet, and the workings of an “all volunteer” radio station.  I love the music!  Their playlist includes songs from the 40’s through the Clinton era.  A lot of the songs remind me of when we were kids and our parents took us with them to the American Legion dances in Keyes, Oklahoma.  Some of the songs I used to dance to…and I amaze myself sometime with how many of the words I remember.  I would encourage you to tune in if you are local (91.5 fm) or click on the link above and listen to them on the internet.  It’s well worth your time!

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  1. I’m so glad to hear that era of music will be kept alive. I prefer the oldies, especially pre-1950. That is when lyrics and music contained more than 3 chords and 3 words, LOL!

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