3 thoughts on “Flocked”

  1. Yes, it’s been ages for me too. Flocked trees were all the rage when I was a teen-ager but I can’t recall ever seeing any here in MN recently. I always thought that they were terribly attractive, tho.

  2. Its been a long time for us too. Now we have an artificial one due to family allergies. To answer your question about the mushroom pic. No , no tripod…just me squating in a most unladylike manner and hoping the picture turned out. Thank goodness it was in our backyard where no one could see me…LOL.

  3. These are so pretty. I have never had one. A friend used to ‘flock’ her own I think with a concoction of liquid starch and Fels Naptha or something like that. She would whip it up, then throw handfuls onto the tree.

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