Will you be early enough…

taste.jpg Were you early enough to acquire the pink, the purple, or the red tree this morning?  I was so struck by the sight of the purple tree…I went out to my car and came back with my camera.  Although not my taste, I was told the “black” one had already sold.

4 thoughts on “Will you be early enough…”

  1. Oh my…black trees? I don’t think that that’s my choice for Christmas. I guess purple isn’t either. I avoided the malls today like the plague…stores around us were open at 4AM…not for me.

  2. As odd as the Black Tree sounds I think my family was the first with one back in (hold onto your hats!) 1959. My folks would go out just 1 week before Christmas to buy our tree. We happened upon a Black tree (a real tree that was sprayed black)stunning outfitted with bright blue ornaments and blue lightbulbs..pre-dressed-this was quite an appeal to my frugal folks! It was a dramatic tree and we were the talk of the neighborhood! 1959. This was probably the last adventurous thing my parents ever did!

  3. The blue one would appeal to me, but only if the lights on it were blue too. But not really. Gotta be a green tree, or a flocked one.

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