Greywolf Holiday Bazaar

It was the start of holiday bazaars on the weekends in Sequim.  I stopped in at Greywolf Elementary School to see what my friend Michelle had for sale.  Her handmade candles are long lasting, come in a variety of scents, and fit in to my “Christmas Shopping Locally” endeavor this year.   Several friends will be gifted with some of these beauties.

3 thoughts on “Greywolf Holiday Bazaar”

  1. Hi! I’ve been to Sequim a couple of times; we used to live in Seattle, and our daughter lives there. I will come up to Sequim on my next visit, so perhaps we can meet. So sorry I’m not there for your lovely holiday bazaar. I would have bought some of these candles. And your Keenagers photo yesterday was great; so spontaneous.

  2. I went to that craft fair too, and I know the candles you feature here. My mom and I went to several bazaars here around Sequim – I think 5 weekends in a row. We’re all bazaared out, even tho I know there’s one at the Methodist church on Blake this Saturday – doubt we will go.

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