Golden Memories

10 more days and this group will be performing at my birthday party.  I wanted things I love at my party, and music is one of them.  Some of the Old Time Fiddlers will be there to sing and play during the first part of the afternoon.  This is the kind of music I was raised on when I grew up in Oklahoma.  Tomorrow I’ll feature another one of the music groups.  Another reason this is a golden month for me …. my favorite cousin and her husband are here spending a week with me.  They are on their way to an Alaskan Cruise next week.  We were out and about yesterday…more site seeing this afternoon.  I will be seeing my grandson and granddaughter off to their first day of school in the morning.   The thumbnail shows the two of us at a much younger age.   I’m the one on the right.


3 thoughts on “Golden Memories”

  1. That is such a cute picture of you two, definitely made me smile.
    And how exciting for your cousin, an Alaskan cruise, I’m envious. Rv’ing around Alaska is on my “bucket list”

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