How do you pick out a ripe cantaloupe?

cantaloupes.jpg As I have previously mentioned, I love Sunny Farms.  
With the rising cost of food , I want to make sure anything I buy is good.  I thought you picked out cantaloupe by the color.  Not according to Jacqueline.  (thumbnail)  She likes the button test.  Find the button where the vine was attached and push with your fingers.  If it gives, it is ready to eat.  I’ll let you know tomorrow if it worked.  How do you pick out a cantaloupe?


8 thoughts on “How do you pick out a ripe cantaloupe?”

  1. I choose by color and smell. Normally I sniff the cantaloupe, near the where the vine was attached, and if it smells like ripe cantaloupe I’m normally pleased with my purchase.

    I will try Jacqueline’s technique next time.

    I wonder what readers from around the world will have to say on the subject!

  2. I love seeing all your photos of Sequim, I haven’t been there for almost 10 years! I choose by smell as well. Will also try Jacqueline’s technique next time.

  3. We love Sunny Farm too, Norma! It’s a rare occassion to miss a stop at SF when we visit Sequim. Sure miss a great general store like that when you’re away. Almost never buy a melon that I can’t get a strong fresh scent from. Will try the button test though. Thanks for the post and the tip!

  4. Here in Las Vegas today it’s ONLY 111, and a visit to Sunny Farms as well as the Lavendar fields of Sequim as we see your temperatures today sure makes us feel envious. We’d love to be in Sequim to enjoy not only those cantalopes @ Sunny Farms but to select some of their exellent soups, fresh breads and deli items that cost an arm and leg more here in southern Nevada for comparable quality ~

  5. I love this time of year when we are getting all this wonderful fruit and produce. I will try Jacqueline’s method also. Our fruit is very late this year. A nearby peach orchard told me it will be 2 more weeks so we’ve been filling up on their blueberries, raspberries and now cherries.

  6. I do the button test AND smell the melon. It should be moderately soft at the button and smell of canteloupe… but not TOO strong.

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