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food-drive.jpgWhen I first saw this sign, I was surprised/shocked.  Then I remembered that with the current economic situation, food banks are hurting.  Many folks are having a hard time buying groceries for their own families, much less donating to those in need.  However, there were a lot of people who did visit the cemetery last weekend.  I guess this was as good a place as any to solicit donations. 

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  1. If advertised beforehand,I don’t think it is in poor taste.
    Those Veterans gave their LIFE for others,even strangers.
    You are right about some folks not being able to donate.
    We had a mailbox food drive ,and I couldn’t afford to put anything in this year.

    Your photos make everything about Sequim look so quaint and beautiful!

  2. My reaction is the same as yours, Norma. I guess they were just trying to get the word out. Your shot of this is excellent, BTW. Hope you are well today and that our sunshine returns before long.

    Oh, would you be up for coming to Seattle in September for a CDPB picnic with all the Pacific Northwesters and Bibi from Belgrade, Petrea from Pasadena, and others who might make it? Chuck and I have been in conversation about it. Sometime after Sept. 18, based on folks availability.
    Seattle Daily Photo

  3. First time i’ve seen or heard of that approach and, like you, am surprised that it’s done. Because it’s a food drive, I suppose it shouldn’t matter. Nice take, Norma.

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