Sequim Community School

school1.jpg It’s Monday morning and after a glorious weekend, I’m off to work.  Behind all that lush vegetation is where I spend Monday through Thursday helping young people and adults increase their skills and for some, their GED.  While I work for Peninsula College, our classroom is based in the Sequim Community School.  It’s an older facility that provides opportunities for many diverse groups.  I love working there.  It’s a treat to walk down the hall where art created by the students is displayed.  I’m always amazed at their abilities.

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3 thoughts on “Sequim Community School”

  1. I think that the school and students are lucky to have you and your kind spirit to help them. It takes a special type of person to guide the people towards proficient language and their GED.
    Its nice to be happy in your job too. Have a great day.
    Me? I’m off to see if I’m serving on a jury. Its coming at a most inconvient time since my son and family are flying down from Oregon on Wednesday. I really hope they won’t use or need me for Jury.

  2. School should be a place that welcomes people whatever age they might be. We should never stop trying to learn new things!

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