7 thoughts on “The Good Book”

  1. la vitrine est tres belle, et j’adore ce nom pour un magasin “The Good Book”

    The window is very nice, and I love that name for a store “The Good Book”

  2. A perfectly lovely window – the only ‘problem’ is that it recognizes a holiday with no shopping frenzy developed in connection with – yet.

  3. I love this picture with the fall decorations.
    How pretty the colours are, red, yellow and orange.
    Christmas is in December.
    Stores and people start with their Christmas decorations far too early.
    Yesterday, in Toronto they had the big Santa Claus parade, well the children are excited.
    But we went for a wonderful trip to the country, enjoying the warm sunshine, blue sky and a little bit of crisp air. Well, it is November..
    cheers Gisela

  4. Hoorah for the store owner and for you because you posted a Thanksgiving photo! I have been hard pressed to find anything remotely linked to Thanksgiving in stores, except for the frozen food sections in supermarkets. It’s a lovely-looking display.

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