After the Storm

We had a rainy WINDY day on the Olympic Peninsula. I hear it was even worse on Whidbey Island and in Bellingham. This was in the sky in the East about 4:30 this evening. I lovely end to a nasty day.

8 thoughts on “After the Storm”

  1. cette lumiere est magnifique, on dirait une montagne fluorescente. Une superbe photo

    This world is beautiful, it looks like a mountain fluorescent. A superb photo

  2. We lost a lot of trees AND our power for 11 hours yesterday! Through it all we still had our garbage and reycling picked up PLUS our newspaper delivered! The folks here sure know how to hold up and get the job done even under the worst of conditions! I thought we were going to blow away! Far worse than the last 2 years. (Diamond Point)

  3. You know, at first glance the impact of the page was the pastel of the photo in sync with the pastels of the photo. Nature does provide awesome displays 🙂

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