Seed Cone Picker

seed picker2.JPG
Just down the road, at the corner of Kitchen-Dick and Old Olympic Highway, is the Weyerhaeuser Sequim Seed Orchard. Once a year you see these funny little machines all over with seed pickers at the controls. The seed cones are all picked by hand. For some reason they don’t pick all of them. It’s fun to watch.
seed picker.JPGseed orchard.JPG

9 thoughts on “Seed Cone Picker”

  1. I have taken the Weyehaeuser Mill Tour before but never realized that’s how they harvested seed for future trees. Its interesting to see that its not automated. Not much left that’s done by hand these days.

  2. Interesting method and information. An eye-catching photo, too. The Weyheuser family originally is from St. Paul and several member of several generations went to the school in which my husband attended as an adolescent and where I taught English for 28 years–small world. Lovely people, incidentally.

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