Cool Seat


Depicting our area, this bench at the bus stop in front of True Value Co-Op, show the salmon which used to be very plentiful in our area. There are those who might suggest it also depicts “Sequim potatoes”. If you look at the geological history of the Olympic Peninsula, you will find we were once covered by a huge ice flow. Rocks of various sizes seem to sprout from the ground. These rocks came from the construction area when the 101 by pass was built.

9 thoughts on “Cool Seat”

  1. Un bassin naturel, mais qui me semble bien petit pour ce gros poisson, a moins qu’il y est un passage souterrain vers un autre aquarium

    A natural basin, but which seems to me quite small for this large fish, unless it is an underpass there towards another aquarium

  2. I can guess what happened to the salmon is not much different from what happened to the ice that dropped off the rocks. Salmon and other fishes have a devil of a time making ends meet.

  3. It’s a clever way to depict history. I wonder if you could get a “cool bottom” also if it rains because it looks like there’s a depression where water could collect.

  4. Oh I love this Norma. And that euonymus (sp?) growing there. And I just ate salmon for lunch, so it feels quite fitting at the moment.

  5. I really really like that bench/chair! I’d like to put a couple back in that park behind our yard 😉

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