It is almost time to start cleaning up the garden. I stopped at “Fat Cat” on North Cay Road today…and look what I found! This would be a perfect compost system. Now to figure out how to build it…and smile really nice at the big grandson.

8 thoughts on “Compost”

  1. My gosh, Norma, I thought I had gone back in time and revisited my back yard. I built one just like this a long time ago. The boards in front slide in place and stack one on top of the other. It makes it easier to begin piles or to take compost out if you can remove the boards in front. I used mine for years and then took it down. I don’t remember the reasons. I got my plans from a book at the library as I recall. You might look there first. 3-bin compost bin construction or something like that. Or try the Internet.

  2. on y revient petit à petit au composte dans nos campagnes pour une ecologie et sauver la planete

    one returns there gradually to perforates in our campaigns for an ecology and to save planet

  3. Claude built me a one hole compost similar to this one time. It was great until the bermuda grass began to grow up into it. That is why I use the round barrell up off the ground. Send us a picture when you get yours built.

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