3 thoughts on “Big Boat on the water”

  1. Norma,

    Nice photo of a fishing vessel. Is it in Sequim Bay, or down near the floating bridge? (There are usually some anchored there.) As you and readers may know, there are two sides of commerical fishing: 1) the good side: if everything goes well, one can make a good deal of money and 2) most surveys of dangerous jobs list commerical fishing as the most dangerous of US professions, and for very good reasons.

    In any case, it is good photo that represents one of the area’s heritage.

  2. In some fashion this boat resembles a Southern shrimp trawler. Norma do you know what type of fishery this boat is involved in; carbbing, salmon trawling, etc? Great photograph. Can let the mind wander about all of the adventures the crew encounters.

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