That Time of Year, part 2

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I don’t know why, but it surprised me when I drove by the local high school practice field…and there they were! No pads, yet, but the Sequim High School Wolves are already practicing for the upcoming football season. It shouldn’t have…summer school is finishing for me next week and the fall semester will be starting in a very short time for the local school district. Fortunately the college gets a month break…and I need it. Now I am looking forward to the upcoming soccer season. I love watching my grandchildren play….and if they should ever decide they want to play this game that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me…I’ll bet I learn the rules in a big hurry.
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6 thoughts on “That Time of Year, part 2”

  1. Do you mean they wear a helmet to play soccer? That is funny :-)) I had never seen that. I think it is a good idea though.

    I do not understand much of the rules of soccer but they are still a bit less mysterious than those of football (we call football “football américain” and soccer is “football” in French – a bit tricky :-)))

  2. Don’t you just love autumn? I love watching football, but I’m glad my son didn’t play. I would have been worried about injuries. Soccer seems less risky.

    Enjoy your break. I wish I could have one longer than a week, which I just had, and was just talking with a fellow adviser about how nice it would be for advisers to have sabbaticals the way professors do (not that you’re having one in this month break). It’s important to rejuvenate.

    What do you teach?

  3. Our kids start school on Monday. It seems summer should not be finished yet. I hope you can have some real restive down time, even if it is short. We all need to get our batteries charged.

  4. I just saw an advertisement in our paper for a workshop to teach women the rules of sports. I guess there are lots of us who need some help following all these games our children play and our husbands watch on t.v.

  5. Soccer is moving into Australian school sport in a big way Years ago it was unheard of. Rugby league was the most popular but not anymore. Parents are happy as soccer is less of a contact sport

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