John Wayne Marina

Now why would a marina in Washington be named after John Wayne ? Well, the link tells us the land once belonged to his family. The Duke liked sailing his boat into Sequim Bay. Apparently when the family learned of the need for another marina in this area, they donated the land to the Port Authority. I like going there. I’m not a great sailor, but I do love getting out on the water and enjoying the quiet. When invited, I rarely say no. We do have to be careful in this area. A fog bank can roll in very quickly.


8 thoughts on “John Wayne Marina”

  1. Even though I spent most of my adult working life either on the water, or in duties related to it, I also like to walk around the John Wayne marina. (Rather like a postman taking a walk on his day off.) It is located in a nice area with wooded hills and when they remodel the restaurant, it will be nice to have lunch there again. As an asidism, the U.S. Navy has a small craft designed to transport officers, or enlisted, to their submarines transiting the Straits of Juan de Fuca and it sails out of the John Wayne marina. Usually, it ties up near the seaward entrance to the marina.

  2. I don’t really know what is wrong. I hate to have people miss some things I post because the post doesn’t show up on the portal. I have yet to see it there today. I cannot find yesterday’s either. I do, so much appreciate your comments about it though, as it makes me seem normal that similar things have happened to others.

    I like your post today. It is such a smooth picture. I don’t know how else to say it.

  3. The lowest section of the photo — the water is just like a mirror, so calm!

    Regarding my Villigen posts, yes, I did use a tripod for the moon shots. And I think if I were to ever get a dog, a black lab mix would be high on the list. 🙂

  4. Great photo – I love the reflections. I have reflections on my blog today but in an entirely different setting.

    Thanks Wayne family – nice move!!!!

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