16 thoughts on “If Only….”

  1. Hmm, the “if only”s. Thank you for your visits and comments at Villigen. Did you visit the Zürich area on your travels?

  2. beaucoup de ‘si’, mais il ne faut pas vivre avec des ‘si’. Cette ferme de 1916 est tres belle; elle vaut combien ?

    much of “if”, but one should not live with “if”. This farm of 1916 is very beautiful; it is worth how much?

  3. I would hate to see how much it costs.

    The land will probably be broken up for houses, seems the development is moving along Old Olympic Highway.

    Do you remember when the farm had the lookout tower on it from, I believe, WW II?

  4. Dennis, I do remember the lookout tower! Thanks for reminding me! After reading some of the comments, I think I should have titled this post differently. It was only a fleeting moment..

  5. Good morning, from one philologist to another.

    I once had an old house, built in 1908, and I loved that house with a passion as strong as love for any man. I understand your attraction.

  6. Old houses are like interesting people who’ve lived long interesting lives, and I do feel your longing for this house for sale by owner, (usually that’s a good sign that they may negotiate re price 🙂 …just a thought to balm those if only’s…


  7. nice place., who evever built that was way ahead off thier time or they did a lot of remoldling
    i never ever saw a farm houe from that peort look that modern- or up to date

    sorry for the spelling great picture


  8. Norma: the general named in my morning paper was the President of Pakistan, General Musharaff, named as such by Imran Khan (a former cricketer and occasional political aspirant). He called on him to resign and said that Benazir Bhutto should not do a power-sharing deal with him (her father, another former president, was executed by the military).

  9. House and view look great. Stop the “IFs” IFs are bad for your health. Go for it. Didn’t move to Sequim area in 1976 and have wished I had ever since. jimd

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