First Friday Art Walk

Sequim, like many other small towns, is always looking for ways to get the townfolk downtown and in to the shops. On the First Friday of each month, an “art walk” is held through out the downtown area with different venues open to the public.
One of the many hats I wear is teaching English as a Second Language class for the local college. This turned out to be the perfect field trip. Some of the standards for ESL are: the ability to read directions, listen to and comprehend directions, and give oral directions. We downloaded the map and away we went! Students had to give and follow directions to the different venues using the map. (Thumbnail One) Once there, they had to engage someone in conversation and find something of note to write about later. The main photo is of two students viewing the art at theWildlight Gallery.
We started off at The Buzz (Thumbnail Two) and then fanned out in small groups all over town.
I’ll be sharing more of our adventures in the next few days.


11 more days until the Lavender Festival and the Quilt Show!

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  1. je trouve cette idée de “friday art Walk” totalement génial. Une bonne idée a copier

    I find this idea of “friday art Walk”. A good idea has to copy/

  2. You are to be commended for your work in ESL. I recall many years ago when my icebreaker put into Chile for some time ashore before going into the ice. In Vina del Mar I was trying to get something from the telephone exchange so I could buy something–a long story–and the only Spanish I knew was one beer and one more. (And I was considered the person who knew Spanish!) The man I was trying to get the info from could not speak English, nor could anyone in the line. We did the sign language bit and danced around for about 5 minutes and then I heard from behind me a woman’s voice which said, “Can I help you?” She said a few words in Spanish and everything fell into place. Never forgot how I appreciated her help.

  3. I love this idea of a Friday art walk. And what a great way to get the “communicative” juices going with your ESL students!

  4. English as a second language classes are so important. I like your practical helpful way of teaching. Your class will learn so much in language and the arts. Looking forward to more stories.
    When we were in Nicaragua last year, we experienced some the difficulities of language. The family we lived with spoke a few words of English and I spoke some high school Spanish. (That was a long time ago). We had our trusty dictionaries and just laughed and signed a lot. I think it was one of the best experiences I ever had.

  5. ESL is such an interesting experience, and it’s great that you help out. These cultural events are great ways to bring together cross cultural learning, language learning, socializing, etc. I hope you’re planning to post a photo of your quilt/s!

  6. I can’t wait to hear (and see) more about the doings of your ESL class. It’s a great thing for you to be doing and I’m sure it will make a big difference to the lives of the people in your class.

    Ms Soup

  7. Teaching ESL might just be the perfect job – you help others and learn about the larger world at the same time.

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