Happy Father's Day!

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And a Happy Father’s Day to all of the wonderful Dad’s out there and especially to those in my family! Some of you may remember I lost my Dad this year, and in his honor, I am posting a picture of the 7 surviving children he helped raise. They are from left to right, Denton of Greenville, SC, Debbie of Dallas, TX, Leonda of Stratford, TX Me (the oldest), Jeff of Rock Springs, WY, Lane of Beaver, OK, and Mike, (hiding behind) the baby, of Weatherford, TX. While not the most flattering picture of all of us, I posted our pictures because I think we all turned out pretty darn good. Each of my brothers have turned out to be incredible fathers in their own right. (I know this because I like my nieces and nephews as young adults) I know Daddy was proud of us all.
Daddy would tell these wonderful stories. We all have our favorites. Mine is how he came home from World War II and arrived at his parents farm on Christmas Eve.

If your Dad is still alive, make sure you talk to them today and get them to tell you a story from their past.

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  1. Nice looking family and a wonderful photo to have.

    Today I’ve posted different Amish buggy’s. Take the 320 question quiz to see how much you know about the Amish.

  2. It is too late for me to talk to may dad and listen to his wonderful life stories, but I hope those that can, will heed your advise…
    What a nice, large family!

  3. That’s a lovely family photo!

    I called my dad today. He doesn’t tell stories… I wish he did. I don’t really know anything about him as a kid or a young man.

  4. Fantastic family photo. Its especially nice to have the entire family together. I’m sure your Daddy is looking down on all of you and feeling very proud.

  5. What a lovely tribute to your dad. My dad used to tell us wonderful stories as well, and I miss that a lot. Apropos your comments on the crops on my Villigen blog: I wish your dad were around to help us identify them. 🙂

  6. Fine looking family.
    I know your dady is so proud of his’kids’.
    I like your jacket too.I have worn those jean jackets forever!

  7. What a wonderful post… I lost my father 19 years ago. Every day and not only on Father’s day, I would like to phone to him and tell him all about my plants, and so on. I would like he knows that my younger son (who was 4 when he disappeared) is studying in the same High School than him and will be an agronomist ingeneer
    Maybe somewhere my father knows that, do you think so ?

    Your Dad had a beautiful familly. UI did imagine my Lavenderlady rather with fair hair I don’t know why. Now I can imagine you exactly as you are…

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