Jardin du Soleil

It’s time to feature another of the lavender farms that will be on tour during the Lavender Festival, July 20-22, 2007. Jardin du Soleil is one of the prettier farms. The fields roll down gentle hills and have large walking pathways. This farm grows some of the larger varieties of lavender and has a “still” to distill esential lavender oils. If you visit their website you can find receipes using culinary lavender. Their website also shows the lavender in bloom. My photo is just beginning to show the wonderful growth we have been experiencing in the last couple of weeks.
If you notice some little white spots on the lavender in the front of the photo…this is the infamous spit bug. They are universal the world over and don’t hurt the lavender…just look disgusting. Fortunately in just a few weeks they will be gone.

5 thoughts on “Jardin du Soleil”

  1. il est tres beau ce “Jardin Du Soleil” surtout avec ta photo, on a l’impression qu’il est infini. Pourquoi ce nom en français ? (le proprietaire est français peut-être)

    it is very beautiful this “Jardin du Soleil” especially with your photograph, one has the impression which it is infinite.
    Why this French name? (the owner is French perhaps)

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