Theme Day–A City Other Than My Own

cactus.JPG I have now posted the picture I really wanted…believe it or not, we are in Sequim. Yes, rainy Washington has some dry spots. We are in the rainshadow of the Olympics. If you read information about Sequim, you will find the average rainfall is generally listed as between 17-19 inches a year. This cactus is reported by the oldsters to be native to this area. Thanks to all who visited and guessed at the temporary picture I posted (see thumbnail below) I was in Music City, Nashville, TN, at the Country Music Hall of Fame.


Now on to the rest of the world….for May 1, 2007 Theme Day.

Monte Carlo, Monaco
Rome, Italy
Singapore, Singapore
Tenerife, Spain
Rotterdam, Netherlands
London, UK
Montréal (QC), Canada
Melbourne, Australia
Naples (FL), USA
Bastia, France
Hong Kong, China
Mazatlan, Mexico
Buenos Aeres, Argentina
Manila, Philippines
Arradon, France
Madison (WI), USA
Evry, France
Seoul, Korea
Shanghai, China
Bucaramanga (Santander), Colombia
Sequim (WA), USA
Singapore, Singapore
Budapest, Hungary
Baziège, France
Hamburg, Germany
Toruń, Poland
Nelson, New Zealand
Madison (WI), USA
Vantaa, Finland
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mainz, Germany
Dubai, UAE
Saint Paul (MN), USA
Cork, Ireland
Stockholm, Sweden
Menton, France
Tel Aviv, Israel
Albuquerque (NM), USA
Kitakami, Japan
Stayton (OR), USA
Szentes, Hungary
Stavanger, Norway
Grenoble, France
Villigen, Switzerland
Paris, France
Hyde, UK
Moscow, Russia
Joplin (MO), USA
Jakarta, Indonesia
Greenville (SC), USA
Cape Town, South Africa
Asheville (NC), USA
Seattle (WA), USA
Kyoto, Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Madrid, Spain
Auckland, New Zealand
Oulu, Finland
Lubbock (TX), USA
Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Baton Rouge (LA), USA
Sydney, Australia
Maple Ridge (BC), Canada
Vancouver, Canada
Seattle (WA), USA
Selma (AL), USA
Chandler (AZ), USA
Sharon (CT), USA
Manila, Philippines
Lyon, France
New York City (NY), USA
Los Angeles (CA), USA
Brookville (OH), USA
Hayle, UK
Wailea (HI), USA
Saarbrücken, Germany
San Diego (CA), USA
Boston (MA), USA
Saint Louis (MO), USA
Cypress (TX), USA
Anderson (SC), USA
Torino, Italy

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    this one was


    after that any comment from me is superfluous

  2. Hey Hollywood: I’m running behind like you are! With three different sets of friends on my island, Maui, …I’ve been super busy and eating far too much with too many festivities. Where did April go anyway! Good photo rescue! Can you guess mine?

  3. I had inside information so I did not guess on your Nashville photo. However, that same inside information would have lead me to believe your cactus was from Texas. So much for insider information.

  4. Ah, I’m glad the waiting is over. Welcome back.

    I’ve always heard of the rain shadow in Washington. And now I’ll always think of you when I think of the rain shadow.

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