Moving along..

Do you remember the picture of the rafters, moving through the trees? The house is coming along nicely. As with most construction projects, you will drive by one day and there will be lots of worker…then nothing.

8 thoughts on “Moving along..”

  1. This is so interresting Almost a toy house or a doll house
    I know that it’s so that houses are built in America. It’s great. It does me remember pioneers’s time.
    In France, the most of time we use stones, bricks or heavy material

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  2. i watch an american programm called “extreme make-over: house edition” and it’s really amazing how you guys build a wooden house! In Spain, houses are made of brick… i guess that diference is just funny

  3. I built many wooden structures before I built my own home.
    From up-stairs I can just see the coast across the highway,
    and my home has been through quite a few hurricanes since “87”.
    There are no rocks where I live,guess we make the best of what
    we have.
    Norma,these folks have found themselves a nice niche in the woods.

  4. I want to be in Sequim so badly, I can imagine this house being mine :^). Can you believe how fast houses can be built? I think it seems a lot longer when it is your house they are building. I hope you get wonderful new “neighbors”.

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