It's Spring?

Some of you know I am a diehard soccer grandma. Spring season started while I was gone…no way I was going to miss the game yesterday afternoon. It wasn’t really freezing, but the quilts I carry in the car came out..the hot hands. went in the gloves. They won! 5-1. This is an adult co-ed soccer team. My grandson is playing with some of the same team members and they work well together…and they have fun! I love watching this game.

12 thoughts on “It's Spring?”

  1. Quilts in your car…it’s so refined! I’ve always dreamed to learn to quilt, it’s a pity we live so far away each other, i’m sure you are a very good teacher. I wish you a nice week, Norma, keep warm. Here the thermometer is getting mad: 25°C yesterday!

  2. The curtainI use is niot so pretty
    Once I was so illed I was in the hospital during one week and when I came back home I was during two other weeks on an armchair at home with a curtain on my knees and however it mas on August !

  3. Oh but this is so confortable!
    Having a quilt in the car… good idea! Even my car is so little I think if I have one of this I couldn’t have any other thing… 😉

  4. I think that there are some bloggers that quilt who will love this photo. Go Grannie!! Is this the same grandson for whom you had a party not-too-long ago?

  5. The contrast between the coats in the background, the quilt and the bare legs next to you! Wonder if that person was cold?

  6. les “hot hands” c’est une tres bonne idee ;o) pas facile d’etre un supporteur

    the “hot hands” it is a very good idea; O) not easy to be a supportor

  7. Did anyone ask it they could get wrapped up in that quilt with you? I imagine you had some folks looking at you with envy.

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