Time to go to Work

The clock tower at Peninsula College. Shot was taken last fall.

The last day of my vacation. If all goes well, I will land in time to get my luggage, pick up my car, and head for Sequim. Then it is off to school for the first night of class. Now a smart cookie would have had scheduled a day off before they went back to work…but then that would mean flying on a more expensive day and less money for the road trip…well, that’s no brainer.

6 thoughts on “Time to go to Work”

  1. How funny! I posted a clock over the weekend.
    My husband has the official job of keeping the local town clock accurate, so when it has to be adjusted by one hour he needs me to stand outside, mobile phone & tell him all is OK. I often say to passers by…”Watch Time Fly” As they look at the clock, the pointers move! LOL!

  2. You’re coming back home.. and I’m coming out from mine! in a few hours I’ll take a flight to Dublin (Ireland) to visit a friend until Friday! I’ll show you some pics then 😉
    have a nice comeback!

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