And the answer is ……..

On the third of March, my post posed a question about those red things hanging from the ears of the sheep. Another brother (I have 5) found the answer! Thank you Tim! This link might give you more information about sheep than you ever wanted to know. My sheep with the red tags were born in 2006. After that…I can’t tell you.

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  1. Hello, cows and sheep and pigs all have tags here and most tell about the birth and if descended from show stock. I like sheep and think they are the most misunderstood domesticated animal on earth with the possible exception of pigs.

    I noted your comment on my website is my webiste. There is a link on it that goes to my daily blog and I am not sure you saw it.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping and commenting at my website and the Porsche picture of me.


  2. what a cute sheep!
    It would be weird if i adopt someone and take care of her as if she was my pet? I would take her to take a walk by the parks…. it would be funny! But I’m so happy for her that she’s enjoying freedom now.. 😉

  3. Five brothers!!?? Do they all blog? This photo puts me in mind of: “Little lamb who made thee, dost thou know who made thee…?” Love the shot.

  4. I like how she is looking right at you.
    I would love to see someone walk their pet sheep through the park!

  5. Aw, I love this picture 🙂 The sheep looks as if it could use a good brushing and a bath, but still lovely to look at! I like it how he is just standing there looking at you!


  6. When I see this beauty I see sweaters, mittens, caps and endless warm woolies. That is a lovely portrait of a valuable ewe; she can keep on giving her bounty with every shearing. Is that a calf behind her?

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