Butterfly Tea

Yesterday was baby girl’s third birthday. She and Grandma, that would be me, had a date for lunch. I took her to Cafe Blossom and ordered High Tea for myself and my daughter and a Butterfly Tea for the honoree. (Are those little faces not adorable!) Every the polite and well raised child, she waited until we were back in the car before she informed me she wanted chicken. That translates to “chicken nuggets”. Apparently McDonalds were giving away “ponies” with their Happy Meals. Guess where we are going another day.

20 thoughts on “Butterfly Tea”

  1. Butterfly tea – what a delightful name! The sandwiches are gorgeous, really cute. BTW, how’s the little baby and mother doing (the baby had pneumonia)? I hope they’re much better now. Have a good weekend.

  2. Oh these little things look great!
    It’s perfect for a little child! Have a nice weekned there!

    Oh, yesterday’s puzzle was a little hard eh? But a cool game πŸ™‚

  3. Hummmmmmmm bon un petit dernier et apres cela je me met au regime ;o) et en plus ils nous sourient, comment resister…belle photo. Je te souhaite un bon weekend

    Hummmmmmmm. good the small last and after that I diets; O) and in more they smile us, how to resist… beautiful photograph. I wish you a good weekend

  4. What was most important is that the three of you celebrated together. For a 3-yr-old, chicken nuggets it is! But for me, I’ll take her share of the delightful little cakes. Good photo to capture the treats!

  5. It sure look so………. super delicious! If only I get to taste them now.
    Happy birthday to the little one.

    Bring me along to Mcdonalds the next time ya :-p I want a Happy Meal!

  6. I suspect the beautiful cakes and tea were for grandma. πŸ˜‰
    Glad your grandbaby got her chicken nuggets.
    What a joy and blessing a grandbaby is!
    Sounds like a fairy-tale day.

  7. Cafe Blossom – another place to put on my “to visit” list. I wanted to go to high tea when we were in Victoria a few months ago,but the boys over ruled. Gorgeous picture, as always. Happy Birthday little one!

  8. kids are so funny – you go to all that effort and then… all they want is nuggets – a bit like at christmas when you spend a fortune and they spend all day playing with a trinket from a christmas cracker. Guess there’s a message for us all in that! But I think any grown up girl would love a butterfly tea.

  9. I’m wondering if there are sweet or salted. I believe both
    That’s cute. I would like to be a grand’Ma
    My daughter is 27 years old. She has a boy friend.
    I have two sons too, they are younger (25 and 22)

  10. That’s one way to stretch out the birthday.
    How lovely to have High Tea. The sandwiches are adorable. Can I come next time? We could pretend its my birthday.

  11. Butterfly Tea is definitely a great name, and I suspect the 3-year-old will remember these little cakes, and she just wanted some protein after those carbs. πŸ˜‰ So pretty. Did she take the lollypop with her?

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