15 thoughts on “Painted Sky”

  1. Woow!
    So beautiful and peaceful sky! Great captured!

    Lavender, I’m sure you can’t listen to the music i put on my blog, I just write the title and the artist, maybe someday I’ll find out how to put links for you to listened to it too. Now, it’s only an extra-information 😉

  2. Superbe photo, les couleurs sont magnifiques. bravo.
    je te souhaite un bon weekend

    Superb photograph, the colors are splendid. cheer. I wish you a good weekend

  3. I hope you can get out and take a walk. I sure need to but don’t know if its going to happen.
    Have a great weekend.
    Oops, almost forgot. that is one beautiful sunset.

  4. Sometimes I think that when I’ve seen one sky photo I’ve seen them all. But not this time. This is simply a marvel of a sky photo.

  5. Painting with water…
    In French : “aquarelle”
    The water of the sky : rain wash the sky and then ithe light is so neat and beautiful

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