Theme Day….Men at Work

Work comes in all shapes and sizes. “Mr. Bob”, the distinguished white haired gentleman on the right, comes to my classroom twice a week to assist my ESL and GED students. Although he has retired from his previous career, Mr. Bob is, as my daddy used to say, “paying for the air he is breathing”, by volunteering his time to help others learn. He is greatly appreciated.

25 thoughts on “Theme Day….Men at Work”

  1. What would the world be like without the Mr Bobs? A sadder and lesser place. Give him my best wishes!

  2. c’est un tres bon choix, j’aime bien l’idee que pendant la retraite on peut aider les autres. bravo.

    it is a very good choice, I like the idea that during the retirement one can help the others. cheer.

  3. This is one of my favorite shots of this theme day – a side of the world of work we don’t often see (volunteering!) Thank you for sharing it!

  4. It is good that when you are able to do something easily you help your neighbour
    Difficult to imagine that some adults are unable to read and however it happens so often
    And how life is difficult in that case !
    It’s possible to imagine that when trying to read Chinese or Arabic characters. So we’ld be such as babies completly lost in the country

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