Art In the City – Repost

Port Angeles, 10 miles to the West, is fortunate to have “art pieces” displayed in the downtown area. It’s a wonderful treat to walk downtown, stop, and admire. I like this momma and baby whale. Although it is rare to see Orcas in our immediate area, gray whales are not uncommon….and I looked all over for a plaque naming the author. Found one…couldn’t read it. Hum, foiled again.

13 thoughts on “Art In the City – Repost”

  1. Really beautiful!
    One of my truly dreams is watching whales once in my life… Those animals freak me out… It’s a lovely sculpture, I really like the place where it is 🙂

  2. magnifique, cette sculpture en hommage aux baleines est superbe (mais le lien internet que tu donnes ne marche pas, erreur page inexistante).

    splendid, this sculpture in homage to the whales is superb (but bond Internet which you give does not go, non-existent page error).

  3. Hello! Thank you for visiting me and leaving a comment.
    I just spent a very pleasurable 10 minutes looking at your photos here, and I love your area, especially the trail along the coast. The whale sculpture is in the perfect spot. We had the opportunity in Cape Cod some years ago to go whale spotting and didn’t go! We have regretted it ever since.

  4. You might check with the City of Port Angeles. They should have a list of their art displays and probably the artist for each. Gret picture!

  5. You are so lucky to see whales where you live! We saw many humpbacked (?) whales when we went in Australia, it has been a great emotion…We hope to see them again next summer in Canada.

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