The Fountain at Lehman Court – Repost

One of the “shopping arcades” in downtown has a small metal fountain with a water animal theme.. I like this heron and the fish. I wish I could remember the name of the artist. It’s the pits getting old. I have now added a small notebook to my camera bag…just to write down things so when I get back I can write intelligently.

12 thoughts on “The Fountain at Lehman Court – Repost”

  1. That looks a delightful sculpture. I am appreciating art more and more as I age. I wonder what that as I age. Perhaps it’s that art is so life affirming, perhaps it’s that I now have the time and wisdom to think about things other than chores.

    I like to say that the older I get the more information I have gathered and stored in my brain so the longer it takes to find the piece of information I want. I haven’t yet resorted to writing down everything I want to remember for I know that it’d take me just as long to find the little piece of paper upon which I’d made the pertinent note. I’m sure I’d “forget” to put it back in the camera bag.

  2. Nice looking fountain – great colors. I’m lucky to have someone with me when taking pictures, so it is their responsibility to remember all the mundane details ;-)))

  3. I take the same approach as Denton – I’m much to disorganised to take notes – much quicker just to snap the plaque…

  4. Norma, I’m slight younger than you but I forget names all the time. So when I take photographs of sculptures and art, I also take a photo of the name plague or title of the art. That way I don’t have to scramble my head trying to recall the names. 🙂

  5. I really like this fountain…it’s so lively and just fun to look at.

    I guess it’s good to know that I’m in good company with the whole forgetfulness thing.

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