Missing Something? Repost

Here is my story… the boots fell out of someone’s truck. A kind hiker found them in the parking lot and hung them on the tree in case someone came back looking for them.
What’s your version?

PS. Today is my son-in-law’s 30th birthday. Not everyone can claim to have a perfect son-in-law, but 99% of the time…mine is A+ perfect.

12 thoughts on “Missing Something? Repost”

  1. At first, Congratulations for your son in law!
    And then, I think a tired hiker was lightening his burden, he thought to leave them for next time 🙂
    Nice hiking to your and son in law !
    We have now a sunny snowy winter scene finally here.

  2. cela me rapelle une chanson que mon pere avait ecrite pour nous faire rire
    “où sont mes souliers yé yé yé
    j’ai perdu mes souliers yé yé yé
    j’ai retrouve mes souliers yé yé yé
    ils sont sur le palier yé yé yé
    et ils sont tout rouilles yé yé yé”

    belle photo, et tres bon coup d’oeil

    that points out a song to me which my father had written to make us laugh
    “where are my shoes yé yé yé
    I lost my shoes yé yé yé
    I have find my shoes yé yé yé
    they are on the stage yé yé yé
    and they are very rusts yé yé yé ”

    beautiful photograph, and very good glance

  3. I agree that someone lost them and someone else found them and hung them up so they could be more easily found.

    Such an interering shot.

    I often say that if I could have hand picked my daughter-in-law from thousands, I would have picked the one I have. Shes a great mother and wife.

  4. Here is my story: Norma, the Lavenderlady found a man stealing her prized lavender so she shot him and hung his boots on the trees to warn other lavender thieves not to mess with Norma. 🙂

  5. maybe someone got a new pair of boots for his birthday:)
    Congradulations son in law! It only gets better from here 🙂

  6. I’m with Faye, my daughter in laws are the best. The are like my daughters.
    About the shoes, at least there are two. In my archive from last month I show a lost single shoe. 2 are better. Good shot.

  7. So happy birthday to him too!
    This photo is just great, I love this ones you can tell or imagine an story about 😉
    Do you think the owner may someday come back to that place?

  8. A very tall person lives nearby and wanted them handy enough that he wouldn’t have to bend over to pick them up before putting them on.

  9. Surely you know that old scout repeating song about the bear in the woods…

    “the other day
    I met a bear
    out in the woods
    a way out there”

    Well, the part that goes

    “now don’t you fret
    and don’t you frown
    ’cause I caught that branch
    on the way back down”

    Those are the boot that didn’t make it back down!

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