Quinceanera Bouquet

Last Saturday I was invited to attend a “Quinceanera” for a local young lady. This is a coming of age ceremony for 15 year old Hispanic girls. The ceremony itself is filled with traditions and is often part of a religious service. The bouquet is among the gifts given. The link I included above is connected to a commercial enterprise, but the information given is very accurate to those celebrations I have been privileged to attend. I would invite you to check out this information.

4 thoughts on “Quinceanera Bouquet”

  1. What a pretty bouquet!!! I haven’t seen anything like that before. How interesting it must have been to be part of such a ceremony.

  2. It must be wonderful for the young person’s self esteem to have a special day in one’s young teen – Quinceanera, Bar Mitzvahs, to be a ‘star’ for one day. I missed out on that!!

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